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Drayton Valley is a community located 133 km southwest of Edmonton in central Alberta and consist of approximately 7,000 people.Known for its vast oil fields, the Town of Drayton Valley relies economically on oil and gas extraction/production. The town development plan shows a community experiencing rapid growth prior to the decline in oil prices, with efforts now underway to diversify the economy through initiatives such as the establishment of the Clean Energy Technology Centre. Despite these efforts, educators and mental health professionals report higher than the national average rates of anxiety and depression and three-fold increase in the caseloads of family support workers.In the past, the municipality of Drayton Valley have made efforts to support young people’s resilience through social policies related to housing and education, family supports such as subsidized daycare spaces (to encourage young families to relocate to the community), industry hiring practices that engage young workers locally, family supports to deal with the pressures of demanding jobs and absent parents, and community development strategies that address social problems like substance abuse among young transient workers. Drayton Valley Municipal Council has been working for several years to create a more sustainable economy in response to boom-bust cycles in the oil and gas sector.

Site Research Team

Site Research Coordinator:

Margherita Cameranesi

Project Manager - Canada

Local Advisory Committee:

Tom McGee

Town Councillor and Representative for RYSE

Dana Wagner

RYSE Research Assistant

Chad Strand

Oil & Gas Representative

Lola Strand

District FCSS Director

Jessica Doucette

Alberta Health Service

Dana Sharp-Mclean

Addiction Services

Russ Hickman

Wild Rose School Division

Youth Advisory Committee:

Chaise Combs

Youth Advisor

Local Supporting Partners

Azzo Consulting